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The Algarve’s natural diversity is undoubtedly one of its greatest riches.

On the coastline, an ecological system of awe-inspiring biodiversity – from native birds with proudly built nests, to molluscs and crustaceans which are the main source of revenue for seafood producers in the South – invites visitors to observe fauna and flora closely on pleasant walking trails.

Visitors can easily pass through different environments within the same landscape. From coastal regions to the Algarvian mountains, there is a whole world of diversity to be explored and just as many different ways to do so. Here too, there are nature trails to follow (please see Via Algarviana PDF file at the bottom of this page). Miles and miles of landscape with special geological features – slate and granite-like rock – are here to be enjoyed in the tranquillity of the mountains among friends and family.

The Algarve is not only known for its many beach restaurants serving fresh fish and "cataplana" (a local shellfish speciality) but also for its cosmopolitan nightlife.

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