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Covid-19 Protocols


The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared COVID-19, (coronavirus) an international public health emergency.

In order to prevent the risk of transmission of the coronavirus between our employees and our members and customers, an internal protocol was developed that defines the necessary prevention, control and monitoring procedures. This ensures that the requirements set by Portugal’s Tourism Office are met, in accordance with the guidelines of the Department of Health (DGS), which allows us to consider Four Seasons Country Club a healthy and safe establishment (Clean & Safe). This protocol is for members and guests, it extracts relevant information from our internal protocol and its objective is to inform all of our members and guests of the behaviour to be adopted as well as the conditions of access to the different services provided during your stay at the club.

Social Conduct

  • HAND WASHING Always wash your hands several times a day or whenever necessary, for at least 20 seconds, or use alcoholic gel solutions.
  • RESPIRATORY LABEL Do not cough or sneeze into your hands or air. Always do this with an arm bent at the elbow in front of your face, or use disposable tissues.
  • SOCIAL DISTANCING The safety distance of other people (employees or customers) must be at least 1 meter outside and 2 meters inside. When not possible, avoid face-to-face contact. It is not allowed any contact in the greeting (hugs, kisses, etc.), nor any socialization in groups of different rooms.
  • MONITOR SYMPTOMS The most frequent symptoms are body temperature equal to or greater than 38.0ºC, persistent cough (or worsening of the cough) and breathing difficulties. Everyone must monitor their own symptoms and any of the above symptoms must be immediately reported to the NHS through 808 24 24 24. You must stay at your villa awaiting further instructions. You must also inform Reception so that we can apply the necessary measures, according to the company's contingency plan.
  • INDIVIDUAL PROTECTION The use of a mask is mandatory whenever you are inside or in contact with employees, members and other guests.


Security at the gate
Please have your card ready to show at the gate. If you are a non member arriving then the gate personnel will be aware of your arrival and will direct you to reception. You may be asked to take a temperature check with a digital thermometer that is used at a distance. We would appreciate your co-operation with this if requested. In the event of any high temperatures being recorded you will be asked to wait, just inside the gate, until a member of the management team here can speak to you. All of our measures are designed to protect your safety and the safety of our guests and staff and we would appreciate please your fullest co-operation at all times, in this most difficult of periods.

Please provide as much information as possible in advance so that we can have everything ready for you when you arrive. When checking in only one member of your party should be at reception at any one time. That person should have with him/her the passports for all people who are going to occupy the villa/apartment.
We have available welcome packs, on arrival, of a mask and gloves for each of your party, should you require them. After this these items are available for purchase in the mini-market. Please use them when entering and leaving areas. Masks should always be used in the clubhouse and in any other internal public spaces.
If you need the help of a porter with luggage then he will disinfect your baggage, particularly handles, before taking it to the villa.
Where possible please charge items to your villa. Otherwise credit and debit cards can be used and terminals are cleaned after each use. For amounts up to €50.00 contactless cards would be preferred. Please avoid paying in cash. Please use the sanitizing gel to disinfect your hands on entering and leaving the area.

Allocation of villas
This year, for everyone’s safety, we have to avoid, as far as possible, villa moves during the stay i.e. where one week might be spent in one villa and then a move is made to another villa for the second week. Exceptionally for this year therefore you may not be allocated the villa that you own or, if you are renting, the villa that you might have expected. You will be given the same villa type and as near as possible to your normal location but we will allocate villas as necessary to minimise the moves that need to be made.

In the Villas
A daily maid service will be provided with a linen change during the week as normal. However, guests are not permitted to be in the villas/apartments when the cleaning takes place. We have in place cleaning protocols to meet with all current government and health guidelines and within the “Clean and Safe” certification required by Turismo de Portugal.
All paper information has been removed from the villas, including the information booklet. If you need any help please contact reception. In the bedroom the decorative elements have been removed from the beds. Please consider yourselves and others when using any items in the villas/apartments.

Other areas
In public areas we have an enhanced level of cleaning regularly throughout the day, especially critical surfaces like door handles, light switches, service counters and surfaces etc.

Maintenance and gardens
Visits by the maintenance team, through call outs to an occupied villa, must be carried out without the guest (occupants) being present.

Restaurant – Closed - Take-away only from 09.00 – 20.30
Take away menus are available in your villa and on your TV screen, breakfast included. We will be more than happy to cater for any special need you may have. Please contact Reception (ext. 9) to place your order. We will deliver orders to your villa.

Bar – Closed

Sports office
Open from 09.00 - 17.30 
All sports facilities – gym, squash, swimming pools - will be closed, and all classes are cancelled. However, the tennis courts are available and can be used. The sports department will be staffed during normal working hours..

Outdoor and indoor pools - Closed

Tennis courts - Closed

TV room 
Open from 10.00 – 23.00
Reduced capacity with a maximum of 2 people per table; the area will be cleaned regularly and furniture will be sanitized after use. Please use the sanitizing gel to disinfect your hands on entering and leaving the area.

Open from 07.30 – 18.00 
Maximum capacity is 3 people at any one time. The wearing of masks is mandatory within the mini-market. Please use the sanitizing gel to disinfect your hands on entering and leaving the area. Alternatively you can place your orders by telephone which can then be delivered to your villa or collected at an agreed time. At the cash desk and at counters please maintain social distancing to avoid contact with our staff members or other guests. When waiting to pay or be served maintain a distance of 2 metres between you and others.

Sales office
Open from 09.00 – 18.00 
Please ensure, at the counter, that you maintain social distancing. The maximum number in the office space at any one time should be two guests and one member of staff. Please wear your mask. To ensure that the space is free it would be advisable to call ahead of time and make an appointment. Please use the sanitizing gel to disinfect your hands on entering and leaving the area.


Facilities that are closed – until further notice
• Restaurant and Bar
• Gym
• Squash courts
• Swimming pools
• Jacuzzi whirlpool bath
• Steam baths – located in changing rooms 
• Children’s playground
• Lawn bowls – except with own equipment 
• Football pitch
• Children’s games room
• Snooker room
• Boutique
• Hairdresser and beauty therapy / massages
• Tennis courts
• Crèche

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