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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Dear Members and Guests

As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation continues to unfold, we wanted to reassure you that, as always, your health and wellbeing are of the upmost importance to us and that we are taking the risk of this virus very seriously. We have therefore been analysing our operations to see how and where we need to take any action to avoid any possible issues and to achieve our goals being:

• To fulfil as far as possible the service to our members and guests.
• To mitigate as far as possible the health risks for all members, guests and employees and for the community. 

To this end, we’ve introduced the following to minimise the risk to our members, guests and staff alike, this includes several measures, with emphasis on:

• Taking sensible and appropriate preventative measures with personal hygiene.
• To provide protective measures to safeguard members, guests and staff’ health with the use of protective attire - gloves, face masks etc, as necessary.
• To provide full guidance and advice for proper working practices when dealing with issues related to COVID-19 following current government guidelines as they develop.
• Insisting that any staff members who might feel in anyway unwell stay at home and contact the health authorities to ensure that they have nothing in any way related to COVID-19, before they return to work.
• Asking our staff members to avoid any unnecessary travel and to minimise, as far as possible, contact with others.
• To avoid meetings or gatherings in numbers.
• To avoid direct contact with handshaking or greeting kisses.
• To be compliant with quarantine protocol instructions, if and when necessary; using the measures and procedures that have been put in place.

Operationally FSCC has decided to adopt the following measures in the best interests of our members, guests and staff and which it is hoped will be understood by all.

• The suspension of gatherings of large groups e.g. quiz night, wine tastings etc.
• Suspension of all but the most essential meetings. With any outside agency video conferencing will be used if at all possible.
• A reduction in the capacity of the restaurant by 30% to allow for more space between tables.
• The closure of the gymnasium, squash courts and cancellaton of the fitness classes.
• The closure of the steam rooms.
• The provision of hand sanitizer at various points around the club.
• Wipe down and clean all credit/debit card machines after each use.
• Pay particular attention to all cleaning operations in all areas.
• Ensure the thorough cleaning of public areas at regular intervals throughout the day.
• Provide information to members and guests on check-in

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