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New Guidelines - state of Emergency

Renewal of the state of emergency - January 29th, 2021

Dear Member/Guest,
As promised, the latest update on the measures being taken by the government regarding COVID-19 here in Portugal.
All of the measures currently in force remain and, as of midnight 31st January, some new policies will be implemented and the measures will continue until at least the 14th February.
These new policies, as with the previous ones, do not affect life at the club directly, but may affect any decision regarding travel arrangements.  We would therefore like to draw your attention to the following:
- Border control has been reinstated on land and sea but citizens of other countries have the right to leave using those ways.  Please note that traveling by train between Portugal and Spain is also suspended.
- The current law allows for the possibility that, should the epidemic situation justify it, the Government can suspend flights from and to certain countries. They can also impose a mandatory quarantine period, upon arrival, of passengers inbound from certain countries. Unfortunately there is no reference to a time window for when these decisions are to be taken, although not before January 31st.
The measures are reviewed every two weeks.

We will, as usual, keep you informed of any changes that may occur.

State of Emergency – New guidelines 19th January

Dear member/guest,

As you most probably have seen or heard, the pace of the Coronavirus crisis in Portugal has been increasing drastically over the last few weeks. The Portuguese Government has therefore published a new law, under the state of emergency under which the country is in.
Based on that, we have to reduce the services in the club to the minimum, which will include closing the clubhouse. Access at the gate will be restricted to those staying at the club, the staff who are working and suppliers delivering essential supplies.
These guidelines will be effective as of 00.00 midnight tonight, Friday 15th, and will be in place at least until the 30th January
All sports facilities – gym, squash, swimming pools and tenis courts - will be closed, and all classes are cancelled. The sports department will be staffed during normal working hours. The snooker room and the games room will be closed and crèche services are also cancelled.

We will also close the food and beverage operation after service tonight. As of tomorrow, only a takeaway service will be available from 09.00 to 20.30. Take away menus are available in your villa and on your TV screen, breakfast included. We will be more than happy to cater for any special need you may have. Please contact Reception (ext. 9) or the Restaurant (ext. 127) to place your order. We will deliver orders to your villa.

The minimarket will be working normal hours every day from 07.30 to 18.00. Maid service will operate as normal and reception will be manned 24 hours.

As you may have read previously, there is a general duty to remain at home, the exception being for the cases that were stated on that advice. The new measures that have been added that will affect us here at the club are listed below:

- Tennis courts, which were allowed to be used until today, now have to close. This includes outdoor courts.

-  Golf courses are closed.

- Public gardens and parks are now areas that you may pass through but remaining there for any time is not allowed.

- Circulation between municipalities is forbidden on weekends.

- All retail shops and businesses will have to close by 8.00 p.m. on weekdays and by 1.00 p.m. on weekends. Food retail units e.g. supermarkets are allowed to operate until 8.00 p.m. on weekdays and 5.00 p.m. on weekends.

- No food or drink can be consumed on terraces of restaurants or cafes. Food or drink purchased for take-away has to be consumed at home or in another suitable place not linked to the commercial concern that is selling it. This therefore applies to our lounge areas, outside terraces and the tables by the mini-market for any purchases from the mini-market or of take-away items.

As with the previous advice, the above are some matters that we believe might affect you directly while with us. However, please let us know if you need any further information on this matter. These measures are to be in place until at least January 30th and we will keep you informed of any further changes.

We thank you for your understanding and support.

Following our last advice, the new law that was put in place on January 15th covers several aspects of rights and duties of those in the country, and therefore we would like to give you some further information about the general rules that are being applied during this period.

- General duty to stay at home:

The new law states that the general obligation is to remain at home. This means that circulation in public spaces and streets, as well as in private spaces and streets linked to public roads, is not allowed. There are however exceptions, as below and people are therefore able to circulate outside of the resort (FSCC) under the following conditions:

  1. For the acquisition of essential goods and services – Supermarkets in the area are open for business as usual.
  2. Attending to one’s health, in particular for the purpose of obtaining health care – Hospitals in Faro and Loulé remain open. Medical centres in Quinta do Lago and Vale do Lobo will continue working but please contact reception prior to any visit to the centre as we have been informed that only one of them will be operating at any one time.
  3. Physical activity, as long as it practiced outdoors and is an individual sporting activity – Our tennis courts are available, and there are, in the area, other sports complexes that have sports activities, so long as it is an individual sport and is practiced outdoors.
  4. The enjoyment of periods spent in the open-air, which must be of short duration, can take place in the area of residence. These periods are allowed if unaccompanied or in the company of members of the same household living together – In this context we are taking it that Quinta do Lago is the residential area and this would allow you to walk to the beach or any other area within Quinta do Lago relatively near to FSCC.
  5. Participation in religious ceremonies is also allowed – please speak to reception in case you wish to attend a service.
  6. Journeys necessary to enter or leave the country, including those necessary to travel to and from the place of accommodation – there are no restrictions to travel to the airport. Furthermore, with the emphasis being on the DUTY to remain at home, there are no curfew times and there is no reference to circulation/travelling between municipalities. However, you may need to justify to the police, if stopped, the reason for your journey.

This is just a condensed version of what we believe applies to our guests, but please let us know if you have any doubts or any specific questions related to any of this. Please also note that these matters could be interpreted differently by others, including the police.

On another note, referring back to how things will work at the Club. We have contacted the associations linked to the hospitality sector and are pleased to advise you that we believe that we are able to allow the lounge and outside terrace seating areas be used.  However, restrictions remain and there will be no service of food or beverage, in the clubhouse area. We hope that this will contribute to a more comfortable stay for you, while with us.

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