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Covid Testing

We now have more flights arriving into the Algarve and many countries require a negative Covid test before departing for the country of origin, or if you are travelling on elsewhere. There are currently quite a large number of places across the Algarve, and many around our immediate area, where these tests can be taken. However, clearly, with increasing visitor travel, these are going to become increasingly busy, especially during the summer months.

In order therefore to try to make life as easy as possible for our members and guests we have had discussions with Loulé Hospital for the tests to be taken here at the club during the period 48 hours prior to departing flights. The cost for the PCR test is €100 and €45 for the Antigen test, the testing days are Tuesday, Thursday and Friday between 16.00 and 17.30 and ONLY with an appointment. Currently the tests take place in the men's changing room by the tennis courts.

To book an appointment reception have cards with a QR code giving you access to a Synlab App, where tests can be booked; for PCR tests here at the club or at their other locations for the Antigen (lateral flow) tests. You will need to complete this with some personal details.

As mentioned above there are a number of facilities around where the antigen test can be taken, for example:

Loulé Hospital      €45.00 - by appointment

Almancil Clinic      €45.00 – by appointment

Moduslab Faro   €30.00 – by appointment

Gambelas Hospital €25.00 – by appointment

Within the next few days there will also be a “drive through” facility operated by Loulé Hospital on the road to Vale do Lobo. The location is opposite Monica’s restaurant so for that you need to drive to Vale do Lobo (the roundabout at the entrance) go all of the way around and then come back in the direction of Quinta do Lago. The price there will, we believe, be €45.00, though this is yet to be confirmed, and appointments are not available you just need to turn up and join the queue of those waiting but it is a fairly quick procedure, once you get to the test.

Please note: that these are prices from third party providers and can be subject to change without notice.

It is also possible to book your test before you leave the UK and each airline has guidance on this and some e.g. Easyjet, have special arrangements in place. There is also the possibility of “self-testing” but if you choose to go this route please check exactly what detail you need to travel. We have already had guests turned away from the flight because the detail they had with them was not correct. The detail required should be available with whatever kit you might purchase and you need to be sure that it is a test that is valid for travel.

For the UK we understand that the Antigen test is now acceptable but it is up to each individual to ensure that the right test for your own personal circumstances is taken. Both PCR and Antigen tests are available in the Algarve. However, information and instructions change so please ensure, before you fly, that you are aware of the most up to date position.


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