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Dear Member,

Sadly the “air bridge” with Portugal was a short lived affair and a lot of bookings received have subsequently been cancelled and many of you don’t feel the confidence to travel, which we completely understand. However in September we had villa occupancy at the club of 56% and currently in October we are running at 40%, although that may yet decrease a little.

Of those that have made the journey the feedback has been extremely positive and everyone seems to feel safer here than they do at home and all have enjoyed the very relaxed, and thereby very relaxing, atmosphere around the club. With the team here we continue to take everything very seriously, in terms of the procedures and protocols that we follow in order to ensure, as much as possible, the safety of our members and guests.

Some comments received from members and guests that have stayed with us at this time are copied below at the foot of this article.

From week 44, which starts on Thursday 29th October, we have some new promotions and some changes to existing ones. We appreciate the very real concerns that exist but we also want to encourage those of you who might like to enjoy some winter sun to visit us and perhaps, by staying here a little longer, the pain of a 14 day quarantine period is lessened for those that are able to do that.

Firstly we have our 5 week winter package and with this we have removed the premium from the Christmas and New Year weeks (weeks 51 and 52) and will now allocate, from the rental receipt, an amount as a credit voucher to use in the clubhouse in the restaurant and bar. This will be, per week, €120 in a T1 and €180 in a T2. The voucher value is only valid during the week of the rental that it applies to and cannot be carried forward into any subsequent weeks. Also, exceptionally for this year, the use of members own weeks will count within the package so if you own 2 weeks but stay 5 then the 3 additional weeks will be at the 5 week package price.

In addition, for anyone wishing to stay longer, for the 6th to 9th week of the stay we are adding an additional 10% discount, from the 5 week rate, and from the 10th week of the stay that will increase to 20% per week.

PLEASE NOTE: Extended stay prices will only apply where the same member has occupied all of the previous 5 weeks.

For the general regulations applying to the 5 week package please scroll to the bottom of the page.

5 week winter package - Weeks 44 – 12

One bedroom €600 per week (€3,000 for 5 weeks) including a voucher for use in the bar and/or restaurant of €120 per week.
6th to 9th week of stay inclusive; €540 per week and from 10th week of stay to conclusion of promotion €480 per week; these weeks also include the voucher of €120 per week.

Two bedroom €750 per week (€3,750 for 5 weeks) including a voucher for use in the bar and/or restaurant of €180 per week.
6th to 9th week of stay inclusive; €675 per week and from 10th week of stay to conclusion of promotion €600 per week; these weeks also include the voucher of €180 per week.

Club maintenance weeks (weeks 48, 49 and 50) are also available to members at the same rate as the 5 week package price per week (as previously advised)

We will also continue with a special members’ rate for those members who were unable to use their weeks from late March to end June. This covers the period when flights were not available and many services in the club were closed during the state of emergency. For the period from week 44 to week 6, inclusive, the cost of these will be:

One bedroom - €320 including a voucher for use in the bar and/or restaurant of €120 per week
Two bedroom - €480 including a voucher for use in the bar and/or restaurant of €180 per week

This offer is on a week for a week basis and can only be used once. If you were able to recover your membership fees through a travel insurance policy then please don’t participate in this scheme.

In addition to the above we will continue with our discounted rates on weeks 1 - 4 of rental bookings. For non members we continue the banding of weeks (1 & 2, 3 & 4 and 5 & 6). These discounts apply to the normal published rates, which can be seen HERE (2021 rental rates will be the same as in 2020). If you book 5 weeks then the rate, for members only, will convert to the 5 week winter package rate.

On the individual weeks the discounts are as follows. These apply to weeks 44 – 6 and also include the restaurant and bar vouchers for €120 (T1) and €180 (T2) per week.


Weeks 1 – 4:  40% discount


Weeks 1 & 2:  30% discount
Weeks 3 & 4:  35% discount
Weeks 5 & 6:  40% discount

Weeks have to be used consecutively and there cannot be a break in the usage. Promotions could be removed at any time should the situation change and the rates used will be those, in force, at the time of paying.

Food and beverage vouchers are only for use directly in the clubhouse restaurant and bar and are not valid for any other services.

As previously advised to members our policy at this time during the Covid-19 period is to avoid villa moves wherever possible and we will be doing our best to keep members and guests in the same villa. This may mean that members will not use the villa that is their own during this period but will be allocated another, similar, villa as near as possible to the location of the one that is owned.

On the subject of flying a recent article from the UK Independent Newspaper can be seen HERE.

And for those of you thinking of travelling can we remind you that there is a provider of insurance here. It is only valid once you arrive in Portugal but it does provide cover while you are here; to access this please click HERE.


When the travel restrictions were imposed we thought long and hard about coming over to what we see as our second home. We have to self isolate on our return which is very difficult, and the risk of travelling was of concern.

We decided, on balance,  to come and we have to say how impressed we were at the level of covid protocol operated at the club – well balanced and well observed – refreshingly so. We felt so comfortable being there. This reflects highly on the management team and this is to say thank you to all.

If things remain the same we will be back on 27th December and will be looking forward to it.

My best wishes to all of you and thank you once again.

DT – member


We have just returned from our 13th yearly visit to the Four Seasons and once again in spite of the virus restrictions, we had a very pleasant extended stay in our luxury villa with great weather
The staff dealt with the restrictions splendidly with the chef & team excelling in the challenging conditions. 

A TripAdvisor review


I am very pleased to have this opportunity to express our appreciation-and thanks-for all the excellent facilities and endeavours provided by Management and Staff for our comfort and safety. The usual high standards were maintained throughout  the estate, notwithstanding the difficulties arising from Covid 19. We were only sorry that we could not prolong our stay beyond our scheduled 2 weeks.

I also wish to endorse your recommendation of VDL for car hire.  They were highly efficient and helpful.  I would use them again.

RPW – member


I am back and have completed my 'stay at home restrictions' following my three & half week stay at FSCC in September.

I just wanted to acknowledge what a great job I think that the Team are doing at the Club. I was a bit reluctant to travel in the first instance, however after a difficult year I decided that I needed a break and so I took the plunge. I was so glad that I made the effort.

I appreciate that 'things are very different at the moment' everywhere and I am sure that it is as challenging a decision for the Team to come to work each day as it is for Members to travel.  It can't be much fun working under these circumstances in what is effectively a completely different environment in the Club than that which we are more use to.

I would like to acknowledge the efforts made by everyone to make me (and I am sure other Members) feel safe and comfortable throughout our stay  - from the temperature checks at the gate to the maid-service - all are greatly appreciated so please do pass on my / our thanks to everyone when giving feed-back.

Now that I have experienced FSCC under current conditions I am happy to start planning for the customary Christmas / New Year visit.

FK – member


Still Fantastic

We have just returned home after a two week visit and I would like to offer my sincere thanks to Mr Pugsley and every single member of staff at FSCC for making our stay extremely enjoyable. When I say every single member of staff, I do mean it. The cleaners were fabulous, the gardens were impeccable, the restaurant food was fantastic, the service from the restaurant and bar staff was as jovial and professional as ever, reception was superb (very helpful), the maintenance guys were incredible (amazingly quick!), the sports office were like having my own PA ( I forgot my golf voucher, so they left it at reception and left a voicemail to let me know!) and the sales office even printed my new “immigration forms for the UK” and delivered them to reception, even though I emailed it to the wrong department!! The pool guys were excellent too, maintaining a very close eye on spacing of sun beds due to the Covid situation. If I have forgotten anyone, please accept my apologies!! A very BIG “thank you” to you all.

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Just wanted to drop you a short note to thank you and the team for being so efficient and sorting us out with our week at such short notice.  We rang you at 9h30 on Friday am last week, and we were with you at 22h30 that evening – wine in the fridge etc!  We also had a wonderful week (as usual), and the staff and team were as ever beyond compare.

Fingers crossed the rumours of Portugal and air corridors don’t come to fruition and spoil the rest of a season for you. We certainly felt safer at the FSCC than we would around at home, although I appreciate there are the flights etc to consider.

TL – member


Perfect as always

Just back from our annual visit. Wonderful time as always and as expected extremely well organised during these strange times. The measures in place due to COVID made us feel confident we were very safe whilst not spoiling our holiday at all. The staff are wonderful and we can’t thank you all enough for making our stay as normal and enjoyable as always whilst still ensuring our safety was paramount. Can’t wait for next year!

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This is what the new normal should be like

Having been locked down or feeling unable to travel for six months, having been scared into thinking air travel was a no go and having had any semblance of optimism and confidence knocked out of us we booked our Faro flights as soon as the Portugal air bridge opened, only to find, what a couple of weeks later?!, it closed again. Having ummed and arred about whether to travel, we took a deep breath and did so (and a big well done to Ryanair for continuing to fly) - and thank goodness we did! Four Seasons Country Club is like an oasis of normality, friendly and dedicated staff, calm assuredness over covid cleanliness, and a world away from the frantic, scared out of your wits approach in the UK. All members and guests with upcoming weeks would be well advised to take the plunge and travel - you will not be disappointed, we were so happy to be there that we stayed for an extra week. Thank you FSCC, your staff, your hospitality, your friendliness - looking forward to returning in December!

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You may use the weeks as follows:

As a 5-week stay 

The weeks can be broken down into smaller breaks whereby you can use the weeks independently e.g. 3 weeks and leave 2 weeks to be used at another time within the specified time frame.
More than one villa can be used in the same week (up to 5).
The weeks can be shared with family or friends e.g. bring the family for a week and use 3 villas and then let a friend use the other 2 weeks.


The idea is flexibility so you can use the weeks as suits you best.
Offer is subject to availability
This is an offer giving maximum flexibility but is only applicable to a 5-week booking.

For further information on this offer please contact reservations on +351 289 357 145/146 or e-mail

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